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We can’t find every all-you-can-drink brunch deal nor can we review every Eggs Benedict that comes our way. We wish we could, we really do, but our stomachs just aren’t that big. So whether you want to be a regular contributor or just have one brunchtastic thing to say, we want to hear from you.

Tips, rants, reviews, reports, reblogs, long- or short-form writing: it’s all fair game. Just . resume writer

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  • Jennie

    Before America’s Funniest Home Videos… My brother cooking eggs and pork roll (we’re from philly) for ‘lunch’

    Please find “Cliffy Cooks Lunch” filmed in 1982. My brother was home sick while my mom took me to see a play. So my brother didn’t feel too left out, my dad decided to do something fun for him and make a this home movie of him cooking lunch

    You’ll notice cliffy falling asleep mid-sentence because he was doped up on asthma and allergy medicine… it’s also funny listening to him try to say ‘commercial messages’


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