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Superfine: I’d even go to Brooklyn for it

February 10th, 2009 · No Comments · Alcohol, Drinks, Eggs and Omelettes, Hangover cure, Live Music, Mimosas, Specials

I’m not one of those New Yorkers who “doesn’t go to Brooklyn”, but I will admit that it takes something extra special to get me out there. Its not that I’m a Manhattan snob, I just…. well, its just a big schlep, ok? I once dated someone who lived in Brooklyn and, honestly, I might as well have been in a long distance relationship.

That said, there are many things that WILL get me to hop on that F train and get my butt to the BK. This list includes:  Zombie Hut, Rock Band, Coney Island freak shows, halloween parties with ball pitts, and the occasional booty call when, well, its been a little bit too long (don’t judge, you know you’ve been there too). Well, as of this past Sunday I am happy to report that there is now one more reason for which I will make the schlep to Brooklyn; brunch at Superfine in DUMBO.

Nicely situated directly under the Manhattan Bridge, Superfine is not only surprisingly easy to get to (my “ugh I have go allllll the way to Brooklyn” thought when I woke up on Sunday morning was quickly erased when I realized it was only 3 short stops away on the F train) but the food is extremely tasty. Upon entering, I spotted my friends towards the front of a line that I assumed was the line for a table. We quickly made our way to the front and were greeted by a friendly hostess who recognized my friends (they have recently become regulars) and told us it would be at least an hour wait. Of course, this is the line to GET in line. Right. Well, normally this would dock off major points as typically at brunch I am hungry, hungover, and not in the mood to wait. But the situation was redeemed when the hostess went on to say, “you guys should know better, you should’ve called ahead!” Called ahead?! I’ve always been annoyed that most restaurants wont let you call ahead and put your name on the list when you KNOW you are on your way. So major points for that. Although we failed to call ahead, we were told that the bar was first come first serve, and full service, so we pulled a “hover and pounce” move (which I’ve gotten really good at from living in New York) and in about 10 minutes we had seats at the bar and were ready to go.

With a live Bluegrass band jamming in the background (theres live music every Sunday for brunch), and a crowd full of hipsters, yuppie couples, and young families, the atmosphere at Superfine is bustling, but not overwhelmingly so.  Most importantly (and the reason I’m writing this so I guess I should get to it), the food is delicious! The menu is traditional American, with Southwestern influences, and everything is organic. The prices are reasonable (unfortunately there is no pre-fix deal here) but entrees range from $6.50-$13. And if you feel like splurging, their Bloody Mary’s, $7, are pretty close to perfect: spicy, but not too spicy, tomato-y but too tomato-y, and just enough booze for a slight buzz but not so much that its undrinkable. I ordered a slice of Banana Blueberry bread to start, the Breakfast Burrito, and a Bloody Mary. Our drinks came right away (the upside of sitting at the bar) but the wait for our food was a bit long (downside of sitting at the bar), and they completely forgot to bring us the banana bread until our entrees came and we had to remind them.  We were enjoying the music and having good conversation so I didn’t really mind the wait, I guess the only downside (or was it a downside?) was that I pretty much finished my Bloody Mary on an empty stomach and combined with residual alcohol still in my blood stream from the night before, I was a bit tipsier than intended. But that was quickly overcome as I scarfed down my entire, huge, burrito and then continued right along with my banana bread for dessert.

It was an unseasonably warm day so once we were finished eating we took a walk along the river and enjoyed the sun, greenery (!) and the spectacular view of Manhattan, which reminded me, yet again, why once in awhile its nice to venture out to Brooklyn.

126 Front St, Brooklyn 11201
(At Jay St)

Hearts: 4 out of 5
Service: Call ahead or make a reservation (Yes, they take BRUNCH reservations!). Service at the bar is slow, but still worth it if you find yourself there with an hour long wait.
Location: Daunting, but don’t be afraid! DUMBO is just the first stop across the river. And the view of Manhattan from across the river is always breathtaking, no matter how long you’ve lived here.
Food:Big portions, fresh ingredients. Get the banana blueberry bread. I think theres crack in it.

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